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Therapeutic Art Interventions You Can Do At Home

5 quick and easy creative relaxation tips to destress


Use magazine photos or various colored and textured papers as a form of emotional expression. Look for  images that capture your feelings, and take ownership of them by cutting them out, and putting them on paper. This can serve as a form of expression. In addition, you may uncover feelings/emotions that you were unaware of and this modality will help bring them forth.  

Abstract Drawing

The act of drawing can serve as a relaxation tool. Making swirling designs while listening  to music can be soothing and help organize your thoughts as well as  emotions. Another exercise is to try and identify forms in your drawings and develop them into pictures. This type of drawing may help to bring subconscious thoughts to the forefront, or on a simpler level, help deal with the troubling issues.  

Watercolor Painting

The fluidity of this medium is extremely relaxing. Don’t stress about perfect form, and let the process serve as a therapeutic outlet.  


Writing down your thoughts and feelings on paper is a wonderful form of expression. Feel free to write poetry or prose to better express yourself.  

Cooking/ Baking

Many people are busy with this on a regular basis and may think of this as a chore. However, using creativity in the kitchen can be therapeutic. Take note of the different colors and textures used to create your culinary masterpiece. Then, share and enjoy. I encourage you to try each medium to see what works for you!

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